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carbon cleaners.

Soot cleaning system

based on water



Activated carbon purifiers are machines that are used to treat odorous air taken from kitchen hoods, but they can also be used to treat chemical substances of the industry, if in place of the classic activated carbon other adsorbent substances are used, with a specific chemical reactivity.


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with active carbon


Treatment of odorous air

for cooker hoods


Single 230 - Three-phase 230/380

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How do they work
activated carbon cleaners?

Activated carbon cleaners have different stages of filtration, which are gradually finer, so as to progressively capture particles of different sizes; it passes from the first filter, class G4 for coarse dust, to the pocket filters F7 for fine dust, and then to the activated carbon for the fine odorous particles.


The filters offer a certain resistance to the passage of air, so that the latter must be forced through them with a fan, placed downstream of the filters themselves, inside the filter box itself or in a different arrangement if its dimensions impose this solution.


In principle, the slower the air flows inside the filters, the better the filtering and the less the expenditure of power. To optimize the work of the fan, in addition to keeping the filters clean, it is therefore recommended not to over-use the filtering unit, that is to say do not let it suck in a quantity of air greater than that of the project; otherwise this would end up wearing out the fan motor and not letting the filters work at its best.

It is also advisable to limit the quantity of air sucked to the minimum necessary, by placing the hood on the wall and if possible closing it at the sides.

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Code. STAINLESS steel.4.EBR 280

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Activated carbon cleaners

without engine BFSM

Activated carbon filters are preferred for the deposition of harmful gases, vapors and odors. Typical applications are found, for example, in the treatment of odors in restaurants, the chemical industry, paint shops and laboratories. They are also used in public spaces such as airport terminals.

They are suitable for filtration and deodorization and are composed of cartridges containing activated carbon + synthetic prefilter corrugated.


Pre Filtering; G4 filters (EN 779: 2012) Am _> 90% and with the maximum of active carbon cartridges that can hold in the control units and with a greater thickness 3.5 cm per cartridge. measures 140mm x 70mm x 400mm


An activated carbon purifier consists of a structure of P40 aluminum extruded profiles and nylon corners. The faces of the box thus obtained are in sandwich paneling, 25 mm thick, consisting of aluminum sheet (0.5 mm thick) and polyurethane foam between the two sheets.



Cod  BFSM 15

Carbon cleaners without motor 1700 m³/h​
External dimensions 42 x 73 x 80 cm


The pre-filtering is entrusted to the G4 filters, corrugated filter (nr.1 filter)measures 287x592x48 mm (EN 779: 2012) Am _> 90%

Follows with cylindrical activated carbon cartridges filters (nr 8 filters)

Cartridge dimensions 140 x 70 x h 40 cm with plate dimensions (PCG-1/8) 307 x 610 x 48mm

Cod.  BFSM 30


Carbon cleaners without motor 3400 m³/h​
External dimensions 73 x 73 x 80 cm


The pre-filtering is entrusted to the G4 filters, corrugated filter (nr.1 filter), measures 592 x 592 x 48 mm (EN 779: 2012) Am _> 90%

Follows with cylindrical activated carbon cartridge filters (16 filters), cartridge dimensions 140 x 70 x h 40 cm
with plate dimensions (PCG-1/8) 610 x 610 x 48 mm

Cod.  BFSM 45

Carbon cleaners without motor 5.100 m³/h​
External dimensions 42 x 73 x 80 cm

Pre-filtering is performed by G4 filters, corrugated filter (nr.2 filters)

(1) measures 592 x 592 x 48 mm + (1) measures 287x592x48 mm (EN 779: 2012) Am _> 90%

It follows with filters with cylindrical cartridges with activated carbon.
Nr 24 filters, dimensions 140 x 70 x h 40 cm with plate dimensions (PCG-1/8) 610 x 610 x 48 mm + nr1 filter (PCG-1/8)

with measures 307 x 610 x 48 mm

With static cartridges BFSM.AP

Activated carbon cleaners with static cartridges, are high performance filter boxes BFSM.AP. They are built like the BFSM boxes but they have in addition a filter of the floppy pockets type F8 with a 610 mm pocket and an increase in size for 700 mm or a rigid F9 pocket and an increase in the size of the BFSM of 300 mm


Cod.  BFSM.AP 15


Soft pocket measurements 42 X 73 X 150 mm
Hard pocket measures 42 X 73 X 110 mm

Cod.  BFSM.AP 30

Soft pocket measurements 73 X 73 X 150 mm
Hard pocket measures 73 X 73 X 110 mm


Cod.  BFSM.AP 45

Soft pocket measurements 73 X 103 X 150 mm
Hard pocket measures 73 X 103 X 110 mm

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