Soot Cleaning Systems Based on Water

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Soot Cleaning Systems Based on Water

for wood-fired ovens, biomass boilers, charcoal grills

ETC Group Srl designs and manufactures plants and machines for a complete air treatment, also proposing a wide range of filters, purifiers, eliminators of fume and micro particulates functioning with water. These machines are used when burning wood, coal and biomass with such devices as stoves, pizza ovens, bread ovens, biomass boilers, grills and furnaces.

-The soot cleaning systems of ETC Group Srl are characterized by high efficiency, very low consumption of water and electricity, low maintenance and the possibility of mounting anywhere on the flue.

Particle purification takes place by washing the combustion gases with water, where the fumes pass into a plurality of spiral nozzles with very fine nebulization. Thus, wet particles of the combustion gas become wet and are deposited in the lower part of the cleaning system, being bound to water. The fumes without micro particulates are expelled through the chimney. The combustion gas to be cleaned is introduced through one or two smoke inlets in the cleaning system.

The combustion gas passes through nebulized water from the stainless steel spiral nozzles (developed specifically for flue gas cleaning) with the water circulation occurring continuously via the pump of the cleaning system.

Soot Cleaning Systems Based on Water

Soot Cleaning Systems Based on Water

The soot cleaning systems of ETC Group Srl have a double water wash system. The smoke is passed through pipes from the source of combustion to the cleaning machine. The speed of the fumes slows down due to the effect of the difference in cross-section of the flue and the cleaning system. The nebulized water present inside the cleaning system incorporates the impurities and breaks them down (settling). The position and shape of the cleaning system and its internal bulkheads have been thoroughly studied in order to create vortices that trap wet particles of the fumes and conglomerate them with each other (coalescence), thus increasing the efficiency of the decanting process. Another cleaning factor is provided by the surface tension of the water that is present on the bottom, in the water particles and in the internal bulkheads, which attracts the lighter particles when the smoke stream is forced to pass near.

Soot Cleaning Systems Based on Water

Soot Cleaning Systems Based on Water

The sections of the machine with which the fumes are cleaned are: the inlet, equipped with spiral nebulizer nozzles located in the machine center with one more series of nozzles.

Steam-saturated air comes out of the machine at a temperature of about 50 degrees, free of carbon particulate matter and suspended impurities (up to 95% is cleaned during the process). The presence of odours is cut down by 50-70% due to the energy released during the water pumping process. The system functions with an autonomous draft when used with small natural draft machines (static measurements with the machine disconnected from the flue: output speed > 2 m/s). The water that goes away in the form of steam after washing is continuously replaced with clean water by means of a float switch that regulates the functions of the machine automatically. The saturated water of micro particulates must be replaced if the concentration of the particles is high. Consequently, it is replaced with fresh water. (Depending on the operating time and the quantity of the treated micro particulates, the machine must be unloaded in manual or electric manual mode or automatically programmed using the optional accessories.)

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